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Snippets of recent reviews

We publish customer product reviews on the product pages themselves, however we occasionally receive emails with special thanks. We have therefore a complied a list of snippets from some of our reviews, comments and feedback from recent customers, with each individual's permission. If you wish to have your feedback seen here, please contact us and we would be more than happy to publish your valuable comments.

"My doctor told me that heel lifts could help to reduce my foot pain, and was he right? The lifts have worked wonders for my arch pain, really been such a help for me. I also really like your memory foam insoles, now I have nearly the whole neighbourhood wearing them!"  - Rachel (Sunderland)
"Shoe boxes are amazing, just ordered some more, makes my shoes so much easier to control and store" - Michele (North Lincolnshire, UK)

"A certain local rockstar gave me the insight to search for the height insoles that you sell, never expected that they actually did really exist, best find ever on the web I have had."   - Keith (Ireland)
"...for year I have been asking myself, how to grow taller, I always wanted to be taller. Thanks for your shoe lifts for really helping me a lot"   - Pierre (Paris)
"...bought some of your height increase insoles for my husband for our weding day. He wanted to look taller for the photos and it worked very well I must say" - Sharon (London)
" The multi-funtion massager is a fanstastic item to get!! My bf was suffering back pain for a while as he sits in front of PC hours a day. After using the multi-funtion massager, his back pain problem is almost gone. Thank you so much- Linda (Leeds)"