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Hypnosis and height increase

What exactly do we mean by hypnosis?
Hypnosis can be defined as 'a trance like state that is similar to sleep but is induced by a person whose suggestions are readily accepted by the subject'. Through training it is possible to carry out hypnosis oneself without the aid of any other person. The best way to explain this trane like state is to think back to watching television or reading a book. It is possible to get so absorbed into the medium that everything else around you slips out of your mind - completely. Even small distractions that would normally grab your attention such as someone calling you are blanked out.

Hypnosis and Height

The question you really want to know is can hypnosis increase height. The answer you really want to know would be a simple one too, however there is no simple answer. Firstly, if there was any chance of a positive answer, it would  only be the case for pre-adolescence persons. This is because after a certain age, once our bones have fused there is little that can be done to increase height naturally.

Research has suggested that  hypnosis has no effect whatsoever on the ability to increase our rate of growth. Despite this, there are a huge range of ways to increase height without hypnosis.

A recommended book by doctors and other health professionals is - "It's not just Genetics".

Hypnosis and Height IncreaseThis book comprises of well research information (and discards the idea that hypnosis can increase height due to the evidence in studies). Only relevant high quality information is recommended by doctors in this book and has only recently been published. Prior to this, the information was only available to those in the profession. 

If you make a good decision and decide to buy this book, we are positive you will never regret it once you start to see the results that can be obtained.