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Desk Posture

With lots of us sitting on the desk everyday it's normal that our sitting posture will undergo slightly since we get exhausted & slouch down on our seats. But, this desk posture problem might lead to the back pains, carpel tunnel as well as lower energy consequently of the additional work it puts on bodies to sit badly.


Perfect posture is a good habit as well as is the important feature of caring our bodies. As it plays significant role in evading neck & back pain, shoulder problems, keeping the muscles tones in good balance, & allows the breathing muscles to keep toned. It recovers your overall health & appearance. Poor desk posters promotes back pain as well as can affect the location and role of the abdominal organs, slow down breathing & oxygen intake, and can cause headaches. The good posture makes sure that least strain is been placed on the muscles & ligaments.


Maintaining best posture is the combination of lifelong habit, healthy body, & awareness. Few people naturally have best posture, however others are more slouched. Longer you carry on with this pattern, more likely you have "hunchback" condition as you time. It is likely to fix the bad posture, and it is very easy to start with the good posture in first place.


Sitting at a desk, you must keep your feet flat on floor with shoulders back & your head in a straight line. If you type a lot then your arms must be parallel to the legs with very good support in your wrists. If you feel stooping, then straighten up. You will notice that the head rises quite a few inches when you carry out this and it must be more relaxed and less stressed on the body.


Desk posture, is at the high danger of causing the wear & tear to the spinal discs in lower spine.