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Causes of leg length discrepancyIt is estimated that approximately 70% of the UK's population has a leg length discrepancy of 2mm or less. This may seem to be a very high figure however most people show no symptoms nor experience any effects unless their discrepancy is 5mm or more. On the facts it is evident that everyone will have slightly unequal leg lengths however the margin is too small to cause any problems. A minority of our population do suffer from problems associated with leg length discrepancy. Any discrepancy over 5mm or more should be considered immediately for rectification due to possible permanent and irreversible damage that may arise from it.

Structural Causes

Causes of leg length discrepancy under this category relate to the actual length of the leg, being a discrepancy in the combined measurement of the femur, tibia and fibula bones. This is in contrast to the functional causes, which relate to discrepancies due to none limb factors, such as hip rotation.

Bone Injury
Bone Disease
Bone Infection
Hemihypertrophy / hemiatrophy

Functional Causes